Public Enagement

Our research group is involved in multiple survey-based research projects that are aimed at increasing cancer-awareness and breaking cancer-related myths that are prevalent in Pakistani society.

Breaking Cancer Myths

We are working on a systematic survey-based project titled “Cancer Myths”. The major goal of this project is to collect a large data on cancer myths that prevail in Pakistani society.

Breast Cancer Awareness Project

In past, we have worked on a breast cancer awareness project. The aim of this project was to study the level of breast cancer awareness among Pakistani women. In this survey-based project we studied the impact of educational background and family history of cancer on the level of awareness. The participants also received breast cancer awareness training via brief video sessions. The post-training survey showed a significant improvement in understanding of the disease and screening practices. This work was included in an undergrad thesis of Ms. Tuba Fayyaz (2016-17).