Dr. Hina Usman

Dr. Hina Usman has completed her PhD at CBL-MMG and currently working as Lecturer. The title of her project was “Regulation of plasma and cellular cholesterol levels in acute leukemia”. During her doctoral work she also worked as a visiting research scholar at Perkin’s Lab, University of Rochester, New York (2016-2017). She has published multiple research and review articles in well-reputed and peer-reviewed scientific journals, while few articles are in the pipeline. Her research foci are on the broad understanding of metabolism in cancer cells as well as their non-malignant counterparts.

Book chapters
  1. Usman H, Munir R, Ameer F, Hasnain S. Cancer Associated Dyslipidemia, Invited chapter in: Advances in Dyslipidemia. eBook, 2016.
Journal Article Publications 
  1. Ameer F, Munir R, Usman H, Zaidi N. Lipid-load in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: Impact of food-consumption, dietary-macronutrients, extracellular lipid availability and demographic factorsBiochimie. 2017, 135:104-110.
  2. Usman H, Ameer F, Zaidi N. Leukemia cells display lower levels of intracellular cholesterol irrespective of the exogenous cholesterol availabilityClinica Chimica Acta. 2016, 1;457:12-7.
  3. Iqbal I, Zaid M, Munir R, Usman H, Scandiuzzi. L, Zaidi N. Atypical Plasma Lipid Profiles in LeukemiaClinica Chimica Acta. 2015, 452:129-133. Impact factor: 2.93.
  4. Usman H, Rashid R, Ameer F, Zaidi N. Revisiting the Dyslipidemia is Associated with Acute Leukemia. Clinica Chimica Acta. 2015, 444:43–49.
  5. Munir R, Usman H, Smans K, Kalbacher H, Zaidi N. Atypical plasma lipid profile in cancer patients: cause or consequence? Biochimie. 2014, 102:9-18.