Fatima Ameer

Ms. Fatima Ameer has submitted her doctoral dissertation “Factors affecting lipid and lipidomic profiles in malignant and non-malignant hematopoietic cells”. She completed her work at CBL – MMG. She has published multiple research and review articles in well-reputed and peer-reviewed scientific journals. She has also completed her MS also from CBL-MMG. The title of her dissertation was “Metabolic Profiles of Hematological Cancer Patients Revisited: Studying the Irregularities and Interdependencies of Plasma Glucose and Lipid Levels”. She has also served as a visiting faculty member at the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of the Punjab (2015 and 2017). In addition to that she served as a teaching assistant at University of the Punjab for the courses on Cell and Tissue Culture Technology, Cancer Genetics, Oncology, and Behavioral Genetics.

Book chapters
  1. Ameer F, Munir R, and Zaidi N. Invited chapter in: Lipid Metabolism in Encyclopedia of Cancer 3rd Edition 2019. 
  2. Usman H, Munir R, Ameer. F, & Hasnain S. Cancer Associated Dyslipidemia, Invited chapter in: Advances in Dyslipidemia. eBook, 2016.
Journal Article Publications 
  1. Zaid M, Ameer F, Munir R, Rashid R, Farooq N, Hasnain S, Zaidi N: Anthropometric and metabolic indices in assessment of type and severity of dyslipidemiaJournal of physiological anthropology 2017, 36(1):19.
  2. Ameer F, Munir R, Usman H, Rashid R, Shahjahan M, Hasnain S, Zaidi N: Lipid-load in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: Impact of food-consumption, dietary-macronutrients, extracellular lipid availability and demographic factorsBiochimie 2017, 135:104-110.
  3. Usman H, Ameer F, Munir R, Iqbal A, Zaid M, Hasnain S, Scandiuzzi L, Zaidi N: Leukemia cells display lower levels of intracellular cholesterol irrespective of the exogenous cholesterol availabilityClinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry 2016, 457:12-17.
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